Murray Rodgers

As a former CEO, company founder and practicing professional geologist in the energy sector, ‘pre-psychedelics’, I have been privileged to lead small and large teams from highly diverse cultural and spiritual backgrounds in many countries, including Austria, Albania, Croatia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the US and Canada. I played a key role in dis­covering one of the largest gas fields in Pakistan.

Along the way, having done over 1,000 pitches in countless roadshows in North America and Europe, I was instrumental in raising over a billion dollars in capital.

Well ahead of present-day norms, I helped build and lead a company that was widely known to have one of the most unique E&P cultures in North America while being widely recognized for its community engagement and stakeholder practices.

In addition to my own ventures in energy, I advise start-up entrepreneurs in many sectors.  Currently I am advising an inno­vative start-up with a proven model for the delivery of medical cannabis and psychedelics to the aging population.

As a performing and recording professional musician, songwriter, producer, artist, photographer, yoga instructor, author and professional speaker, I am also developing a concept for a new film/music production company with film and music industry partners in Los Angeles and Vancouver.

Murray Rodgers
Murray Rodgers

My passion is primarily in developing a new leadership model based on the neuroscience of human development with a focus on deep self-exploration and the experience of higher states of consciousness. Within this toolkit are breathwork, sound, yoga, and ultimately, psychedelics.



I am establishing a centre for Energy, Media and Being Well located in the pristine Foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Black Diamond, Alberta, Canada.

Murray Rodgers

It was great hearing the authenticity in your life experiences Murray and amazing on what you are doing to bring this fresh and much needed perspective to the workplace.”

~ Dr. Amreesh Khanna, DDS, Business Owner

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